Behind the lens with Rick DeStefanis: first thing you should know, Rick has been in the woods for fifty years! A lover of all things outdoors, Rick lives in Mississippi with his wife Janet.  His photography encompasses a variety of scenery and wildlife from around the United States. Rick’s goal is to capture the beauty of nature for others to enjoy.

Vacations and long weekends are almost always about being near wildlife. Rick's interests include prey, predator and species interaction with nature. Take a look at his work in the Galleries section of this site. From Large Animals to Butterflies, Rick's photos give us an in-depth view of nature never seen before.





All photographs, prints and photo prints on canvas are the original copyrighted work of Rick DeStefanis. To ensure affordability, his photo prints on canvas are some of the most reasonably priced to be found anywhere. All photo prints are published as taken with no content additions or deletions, and with only minor contrast, color or lighting corrections, as well as cropping and stamping for minor imperfections where needed. Prints and Prints on canvas are signed and dated by Rick upon request.